Weddings with Embassy Catering

Weddings are the most memorable time of people’s lives. It is a time filled with traditions, fun, music, emotions, dancing, singing and good food. We at Embassy take it in out stride to make weddings a success by giving guests a culinary experience that is not only delectable but also unforgettable. By holding your hand through the entire process starting from meeting us for the first time, to helping you find the perfect location, planning the perfect menus, offering unmatched food tastings, personalizing services and finally providing food and services never experienced before.

Our catering will surprise you every step of the way. Our experienced chefs, our chivalrous waiters, our focused managers and an overall friendly and hard working team make Embassy the top wedding caterer in Delhi today. Our job is to make sure brides, grooms and their families can relax and focus on the wedding itself and let us take charge of taking care of all the wedding guests. From a large team circulating warm appetizers through the wedding function, to chefs manning all live stations constantly and managers ensuring the buffet stations are well maintained and steaming hot, we ensure guests never have a complaint.

So sit back and relax, and allow our team of experts to do what they do best, keep guests satisfied!