Embassy Catering has been around for more than 4 decades. We know the industry better than anyone else. Our service has remained unmatched since we know what our guests want even if they don't know it! When approached by a new client, it does not take us long to impress them with our decades of good food, word of mouth remarks and the dedication of our team. What makes us unforgettable? Our unmatched food and a team that is so dedicated that it is bound to leave you in awe. As soon as a guest enters our function, a beautiful sense of nostalgia hits them. They know Embassy, they have loved it for so long! All those sumptuous snacks floating around makes them curious and compels them to eat! As soon as that first bite of food enters their mouth, they know its going to be a great evening. Walking around and admiring all our live stations manned by friendly chefs preparing fresh food gets them excited. Seeing our mouth-watering soups and vibrant salads makes them even more eager. Guests constantly interact with our team of dedicated managers who ensure everyone is happy and well fed! Guests get to choose from our choices of many dishes which leaves them feeling intrigued. Comes next the sweet section. The guests are given a variety of deserts to choose from and are guaranteed to fall in love with every bite-sized goodness! This makes Embessy a premium wedding catering service!    

The guests leave the function feeling happy and satisfied and will always remember your function for the amazing food.